Endless Pools & CollegeSwimming.com Release Weekly Swim Team Rankings

Endless Pools is pleased to announce its new corporate sponsorship agreement with CollegeSwimming.com. As the Endless Pool becomes an integral training tool on an increasing number of collegiate swim decks, the logical next step was to partner with the leader in comprehensive collegiate swimming information online.

"We're excited to have Endless Pools help support college swimming and the CollegeSwimming.com Top Twenty-Five," said swim coach and CollegeSwimming.com founder, Greg Earhart. "More than that however, we're excited to see them delivering a product in the Elite Pool that offers tangible benefits for coaches and swimmers."

From the Endless Pools national rankings for men's and women's teams from Division 1 through the CCCAA level, to meet results to recruit rankings, CollegeSwimming.com has it all. The website is an excellent one-stop forum for swimmers, coaches and fans.

Momentum has grown in the college swimming community, as Endless Pool's Elite Model is now a mainstay on the decks of programs such as Auburn, Harvard, Dartmouth and Kentucky, among others. In addition, the company has partnered with the Indiana University Counsilman Center for the Science of Swimming in order to conduct vital research regarding safety and performance.

Some of the premier coaches in the swimming industry use the Endless Pool Elite to train their world-class swimmers.

"The addition of the Endless Pool Elite has greatly improved my ability to create challenging workouts," said former Olympian and current Auburn University head coach Brett Hawke. "The athletes can work specifically on their technique while interacting with the coach to make subtle changes. I find myself using it as a training aid every day."

With a growing presence and a challenging swim current, college coaches around the country are realizing the benefits of the Endless Pool everyday.

Endless Pools alignment with CollegeSwimming.com, the Counsilman Center and a quickly developing list of college swim programs demonstrates their commitment to excellence across the swimming community.



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