Endless Pools "Sweeps" the 2018 Pan Am Masters Championships

The 2018 Pan American Masters Swimming Championships kick off Saturday, July 28. Through eight days of swimming competition, attendees at the Orlando, Florida, event can take free test swims in the newly installed Endless Pools® Elite pool! They can also enter to win an Endless Pools Fastlane® Pro current system.

The Elite Endless Pool was a hit at last year's U.S.M.S. Summer Nationals! Attendees at this year's Pan Am Championships in Orlando can enjoy a free test swim. With our smoothest current and fastest top speed, the Elite is the stroke-training pool of choice for many university swim programs and the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado.

The Sweepstakes

To celebrate U.S. Masters Swimming and the Pan Am Championships, we're giving away an Endless Pools Fastlane prize package. The Fastlane Pro current system delivers our signature swim current to almost any traditional pool.

The Grand Prize also includes our stainless steel Floor Mirror to monitor your swim stroke in real time, the Endless Pools Fit@Home® app to control the current and program workouts from any smart device, plus shipping. The package is valued at $8,750.

To enjoy a better swim in your backyard pool, enter to win online or at the Endless Pools area (behind the diving boards) during the Orlando event.

The Pool

The Endless Pools Elite model features our smoothest, most versatile swim current – it maxes out at a pace equivalent to 0:51/100 yards! With dozens of speed settings, swimmers can also take it down to a gentler pace for warm-ups or cool-downs.

The Elite pool is the model found on university pool decks around the country and at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado. It's the swim-in-place pool of choice for great swimmers and swimmers who aspire to greatness!

The Event

The Pan Am Masters Championships runs for two and a half weeks in Orlando. Approximately 2,500 athletes from 43 swimming federations are expected to participate.

The event is run by Union Americana de Natacion (UANA), which organizes amateur aquatic sports in the Western Hemisphere. Other aquatic competitions (diving, water polo, synchro, and open water) will be held before and after the Masters Swimming events.

The Elite Endless Pool will be staffed and open for swimming during the Masters Swimming competition, Saturday, July 28, through Saturday, August 4. All swimmers are welcome, whether you're looking to warm up, cool down, or just take a test swim!

If you're not attending, you can still live stream all the action. Endless Pools is a proud sponsor of U.S. Masters Swimming.

Had fun trying out the endless pool this morning!

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