Dealer Profile: Tania Brannan, Fastlane Pools Australia

Tania Brannan was a former professional triathlete when she and her sister, then on the World Cup triathlon circuit, first discovered Endless Pools®. As working moms, they knew the importance of at-home training. “Her search for a suitable swim system was a disaster,” she recalls. “After installing a very expensive swim jet system, she was not able to use the pool for training. She could swim into the wall using only one arm.” When they saw a Fastlane Pro current system featured in an in-flight magazine, “we both knew this would be more suitable.” Her sister found convenient swim training, and Tania found a new career – as Endless Pools’ sole Australian dealer.

Tania and Deanne Brannan training in a Fastlane Pool (or outside Australia, an Endless Pool). As a working mom and a triathlete training for the World Cup circuit, Deanne needed at-home convenience to keep her regimen on track. The Fastlane gave her a powerful and flexible solution.

Since launching her dealership in 2006, Tania has seen sales steadily climb. She gives partial credit to the collaborative spirit of Endless Pools’ U.S. headquarters.

“The support with marketing, sales, and ongoing customer service is perfect. Endless Pools has provided our business with a large number of leads generated from their extensive online marketing, provided generous hospitality and extensive knowledge with their Dealer and Installer training programs, and always been there for support when required ... even all the way on the other side of the world! I receive emails back during my working hours, which means my international reps are also putting in long hours!”

Recently, she’s noticed a shift from customers interested solely in swimming to those looking for multi-purpose installations. And as the Australian housing market has steadily revived since 2010, smaller lot sizes have increased the demand for compact pools. “Lap pools are becoming less attractive due to the expensive maintenance and running costs, ” Tania notes, “which gives us the advantage.”

Tania’s favorite installation: this Dual Propulsion Fastlane Pool at Queensland’s Maleny Village. She cites it as the first to be installed by an Australian senior facility. Clearly, it's a popular offering that helps Maleny's residents to stay fit, have fun, and build community.

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