Dartmouth Swim Team Looks to Join Ivy Elite with Endless Pools

The Dartmouth University swim team has purchased the Endless Pools® Elite pool to enhance training in anticipation of their upcoming season, which opens November 10.

Inside a compact swimming area, a powerful, custom-made 24” wide and 21” deep current tests Big Green head coach Jim Wilson’s team. With the help of underwater mirrors and cameras, Wilson and his swimmers can instantly analyze technique.

Within a few short weeks, Wilson saw Dartmouth’s purchase payoff, as the pool became a vital swim training tool for the team, allowing for immediate adjustment and reinforcement while in the water.

The Elite Endless Pool at Dartmouth University gives Head Coach Jim Wilson the unprecedented coaching opportunities afforded by in-place swimming. “As a coach, it's easy to pick up on hand entry and body position while they are swimming in front of you,” he notes. 

“As a coach, it's easy to pick up on hand entry and body position while they are swimming in front of you,” said Wilson. “The team loves being able to get in and see different parts of their stroke. As a result, they feel more confident in the water.”

Coming off a season in which Dartmouth posted its best record in the past 30 years, the Ivy League school aims to make an even bigger splash in 2012.

“We hope to do better within our league, and swimming faster is the way we'll be able to achieve that. Stroke technique is crucial in achieving that goal,” said coach Wilson.

Premier swim programs such as Auburn, Harvard, Indiana, and Kentucky have already realized the benefits of the Endless Pool Elite, as Dartmouth added its name to an impressive, growing list.

“Recruiting plays a big part in how we do as a team, and our recruits know we're serious about swimming by our commitment to use the Endless Pool,” said Wilson.

After the Big Green men’s and women’s swim team earned the highest combined GPA of all Division I schools last fall, Wilson hopes the Endless Pool Elite will help vault the team to similar levels inside the swimming pool.

Endless Pools, established in 1988, has served over 18,000 customers worldwide, and offers compact, customizable pools for indoor or outdoor use. With a series of six innovative products and an adjustable, revolutionary swim current, the product can be tailored for rehab, competitive training, or family fun. Low-maintenance and environmentally friendly, Endless Pools has a product to meet virtually any need.

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