Couple Chooses Endless Pools® for Energy Efficient Home

Jim Iden and Vangie Samora’s desire for sustainability and efficiency led them to make several innovative design choices for their new home.

In researching exercise options, Iden—a long-time lap swimmer—found the Endless Pools Original model.

The couple’s home features 28 solar panels that generate enough power for the entire home, swimming pool included.

"Energy-efficiency is important to us,” says self-described environmentalist Jim Iden. He and his wife chose to install an Endless Pools swimming machine in their home for year-round swimming. They praise the compact pool for its adjustable swim current and high-efficiency technology.

“We have both long valued swimming for its health benefits and for my wife, Vangie, was interested in having a small pool that we could use for exercise now and in the future,” said Iden.

“I was definitely interested in being able to swim against a current. So, we started doing some research and hit upon the Endless Pool.”

Not only did the custom pool they designed with the Endless Pools design staff work into the couple’s fitness plans, but they were able to execute an installation that fit seamlessly into their high-efficiency model.

“We’re environmentalists at heart and energy-efficiency is important to us,” said Iden.

With a well-insulated room and photovoltaic panels to supplement the Endless Pools standard, energy-efficient electric heater, the couple put together an ideal space for exercise and relaxation.

Because of the modular construction of the Endless Pool and a range of custom features, the pool can be tailored to the precise design specifications of the available space and standards.

And with a swim current, no flip turns are necessary, meaning their compact pool provides continuous swimming and exercise, in addition to relaxation.

Iden and Samora, who typically use the pool five times a week, have even found unexpected benefits for their home aquatic center.

“The pool room opens onto a covered patio, so the pool becomes a focal point of get-togethers with friends. We can swim a little, sit around and eat on the patio, then swim some more.”

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