Chesterfield FC adds Endless Pools® Performance Pool to Community Hub

The Chesterfield Football Club’s new Community Hub has been a hit with both the team and local community alike.

The Hub, outfitted with an indoor football area, club room, fitness suite, multi-sports room, day care center and learning zones, also features an Endless Pools Performance pool, equipped with our exclusive Underwater Treadmill.

With an adjustable current for swimming and resistance, the Endless Pools Performance pool gives the members of the Chesterfield Football Club a range of cross-training opportunities. The Underwater Treadmill, seen in use here, permits walking or running in a low-impact environment; the current provides a more vigorous core workout for water runners.

“The players have been surprised with how hard they can work, enabling them to both recover from a specific injury and to help them maintain fitness in a way they could not out of the water,” said Deputy Head of Trust & Education Manager, Kay Adkins.

“The treadmill has been a huge part of it being so successful for this group.”

The buoyancy of water coupled with the underwater treadmill gives players an effective tool for rehabilitation from injury.

“The pool gives the physio and fitness coach additional tools within their armory. It also gives a safe option for recovery sessions during any given week.”

Adkins, who researched hydrotherapy pools, was particularly impressed with the versatility of the Endless Pools product line.

“I identified the Endless Pool as an affordable option for providing therapy for the professional athlete through to the person with disabilities, while it also allowed people to get swim analysis. I was keen to fit swimming into our mix but we didn't have the room or the finance for a large pool.”

Adkins is grateful that the club’s pool is able to meet the needs of such a wide range of people, from football stars, to the severely disabled.

“We already have a large number of groups who support people with severe disabilities who are using the pool,” said Adkins. “They all absolutely love the flexibility the pool brings from movement therapy in the water to using the treadmill and propulsion unit.”

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