Coach Carol Brings Her Swim Training Home

This case study lets Carol share why she loves her Endless Pools® sunroom.

A UK swimming coach and soon-to-be-certified lifeguard, Carol decided that it was time to bring her swim training home. She turned to her nearest authorized Endless Pools® distributor. Some time after completing the project, our team visited Carol’s Lancashire home to check in on her and her conservatory installation.

So, what made you think about getting an Endless Pool installed?

I initially got the Endless Pool when I was training to be a lifeguard. I was swimming a mile a day and it was so nice to have it at home rather than the inconvenience of trying to find a quiet space in a public pool at a time to suit me. There’s a major lack of facilities in this area despite the interest that the Olympics generated.

Would it not have been better to build a full-sized pool rather than an Endless Pool?

I suppose it was the cost, which put me off a full-sized pool. Not necessarily the build cost, I mean the ongoing water and heating costs. Plus with the weather in this country, it’s not ideal to have an outdoor pool. The Endless Pool fits in the conservatory, and it’s ideal to have it available whenever I want it.

So how does it compare with a full-sized pool for swimming?

It gives you that feeling of a real pool, there’s no doubt about it. I actually did some backstroke in there today, and I use these little fins, which really help.

I find from getting out of the Endless Pool and in to a full-sized pool, I certainly have the power, and it’s great for sprinting.

I usually do front crawl, which is the easiest. I have done back-crawl which is harder, but it’s about getting your technique right. Breaststroke is okay, and the mirror under the water helps.

A stunning conservatory Endless Pool on a sunny day in Lancashire: this model is used for daily swim training by its owner, Carol, a coach and Olympic lifeguard. For its stellar current, at-home convenience, training tools, and ease of maintenance, Carol says, "I love it, and I really wouldn’t be without it."

What speed do you swim at?

I have the digital display, which I set at 2:02 (2 minutes 2 seconds per 100 metres), but my daughter is a stronger swimmer and goes faster than that.

You adjust yourself to it, and it doesn’t take long to learn how to get really good results.

Apart from your fins, is there anything else you use in your Endless Pool?

I always wear goggles, which helps you see yourself in the mirror below and adjust your body accordingly.

I have waterproof headphones integrated into my goggles, so I play some Queen or Alabama 3. Something with a good rock beat to pace myself!

How do you maintain water quality?

I top it up with water every once in a while and have UV sanitisation, which kills the bugs. Apart from that, I use a little mild non-perfumed bleach to keep the water clear.

I check the pH with testing strips and balance it every once in a while, which is really easy.

Is the conservatory a good location for your Endless Pool?

Well, we’ve lived here for 20 years and we never used the conservatory so it was an ideal space rather than constructing a new building. It also gets the morning sun, which is lovely.

"It gives you that feeling of a real pool, there’s no doubt about it," reports Coach Carol, the owner of this Endless Pool. "I actually did some backstroke in there today." She uses the digital Pace Display ("2:45" on the glass wall) to "get really good results" and the underwater mirror to "adjust your body" for a more efficient stroke. An authorized Endless Pools dealer installed the pool.

What’s your usual swim routine?

It’s nice to get up and have a swim before work. I do about 20 minutes, which is around a kilometre. It’s also nice to cool down in the summer.

I keep it at 27 degrees [Celsius, or about 81 Fahrenheit], which is warm enough and doesn’t overheat you and leave you exhausted.

Are you happy with your purchase?

I love it, and I really wouldn’t be without it.

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