NFL QB’s Secret Weapon for Training and Staying Injury-Free

Philadelphia Eagles’ Carson Wentz chooses Endless Pools® for low-impact aquatic training at home.

Aston, Pa. -- Philadelphia Eagles' QB Carson Wentz has a new strategy for staying in the lineup and playing at an MVP level. Facing a pivotal season, he just installed an Endless Pools® aquatic gym in his garage.

With Endless Pools’ top-of-the-line Elite model, Wentz can immerse himself in his own training and recovery pool for high-intensity, low-impact swimming, running, and resistance exercise. With the Endless Pools Underwater Treadmill, Wentz gets cardiovascular training without the impact of running on land. And with the Endless Pools variable current, he swims in place or adds challenging core resistance to his treadmill runs.

Wentz chose Endless Pools because he knew that having a swimming and fitness pool would provide him with "a competitive edge. Getting in a pool has always helped me,” says Wentz, “and I think will continue to help me get back on the field feeling better."

"Water is super-beneficial," Wentz' continues. "Somedays, I spend an hour and a half just going through a full pool workout. For me, the more I can get in the water, the better I feel. Coming off of a couple of injuries, and just going through rehab and realizing a better, smarter, more efficient way to work out; adding this pool made so much sense. It’s been super beneficial for my body and I think it will help the longevity of my career.”

"Endless Pools has been committed to aquatic fitness for over 30 years," says Endless Pools General Manager Darren Pearse. "We're thrilled to help Carson develop that extra edge. Football is a high-impact sport, so low-impact cross-training with Endless Pools feels like the smart solution."

Wentz worked with the team at Endless Pools' to custom-tailor his Endless Pools aquatic gym for his 6-foot, 5-inch frame. The expanded footprint and depth are ideal for Wentz to comfortably swim, run, and exercise. "The convenience of having it here at my house made sense," he adds.

Philadelphia Eagles' QB Carson Wentz plays hard and has the scars to show for it. With a pivotal season ahead, he's supplementing his training with workouts in his Endless Pools® aquatic gym. Says Wentz, water workouts help him "get back on the field feeling better."


Established in 1988, Endless Pools has served tens of thousands of satisfied pool owners in more than 100 countries. Best known for their adjustable current for swimming in place, the Endless Pools product line features residential and commercial models for recreation, athletic training, family fun, physical therapy, and more. Founded on a belief in the power of water to inspire, invigorate, and rehabilitate, Endless Pools is now part of Watkins Manufacturing Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Fortune 500 company, Masco Corporation (MAS). For more information on its family of products, visit

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With Endless Pools' international headquarters just 15 miles from the Eagles' home field, Wentz chose to buy locally to train even more locally. The company prioritizes at-home convenience for water's physical and mental health benefits; as Wentz puts it, "Our visions really align. The convenience of having it here at my house made sense."

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