Andrew’s “Surreal” Swimming Lesson

“Surreal,” deadpanned 13-year-old Andrew Li. He’d just stepped out of our Endless Pools® Elite after a one-of-a-kind clinic with Olympian Alyssa Anderson here at our headquarters in Aston, PA.

As part of the Fitter & Faster Swim Tour, presented by, Andrew won an Enhanced Private Lesson with Alyssa, who’s an Olympic gold medalist and 16-time All-American.

Olympian Alyssa Anderson gives pointers to 13-year-old Andrew Li in the Elite Endless Pool. Through the Fitter & Faster Swim Tour, Andrew won the Enhanced Private Lesson with the gold medalist at Endless Pools headquarters in suburban Philadelphia.

In our Endless Pools Elite model, Andrew swam in place against a current adjustable to up to 0:51/100 yards. Alyssa, aided by the Elite’s underwater mirrors and cameras, could analyze every element of his stroke, giving precise pointers on his head position and hand entry. By the lesson’s end, he claimed that “it felt easier” to go faster than his slower pace had earlier!

Alyssa eagle-eyes Andrew's quickly improving technique in the Elite Endless Pools. By allowing you to swim in place, the Endless Pool offers unprecedented opportunities for stroke training and real-time refinement for a faster, more efficient swim stroke.

The Fitter & Faster Swim Tour conducts swim clinics – from Hialeah, Florida, to Juneau, Alaska – for groups of young swimmers who learn exercises and competitive techniques from Olympians, medalists, national champions, and world-record holders. The Enhanced Private Lesson with Anderson was an exclusive bonus following Saturday’s Media, PA, clinic, which also boasted instruction from four-time Olympic medalist Peter Vanderkaay.

We had a great time hosting Andrew, his dad, Alyssa, and everyone on the Fitter & Faster team. It’s always a thrill to help develop the next generation of champions. Given all the progress he made in one day, we doubt that this will be the last we hear of Andrew Li, future swimming star!

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