Flashback: The 2015 Endless Pools Photo Contest Winners

Editor's Note: As we prepare to announce the winners of our 2018 Photo Contest, we're taking the opportunity to look back at the stellar batch of photos that won in 2015!

We reviewed hundreds of photos for the 2015 Endless Pools® Photo Contest. Thanks to everyone who submitted during the 10-week entry period. In the end, these seven beautiful standouts rose to the top.

FIRST PLACE: The golden sunrise glow, the Scottish Highlands fog, the swimmer's upturned face ... the photographer captured a perfect moment for this Original Endless Pool. Our judges endorsed this knockout by a solid margin. Congratulations to pool owner Eleanor on earning our $500.00 grand prize.

: Under majestic red cliffs and the (almost) cloudless sky, this swimmer was the envy of many of our judges. Who wouldn't want to emerge from this partially in-ground Performance Endless Pool to see this grand Utah landscape? Pool owners Kathleen and Leon will receive a FINIS Neptune underwater MP3 player.

THIRD PLACE: Our WaterWell therapy pool may not have a swim current, but it provides everything Maggie needs for low-impact fitness. And with this sunroom's stunning lakeside view, it's certainly a showpiece for her suburban Toledo home. This elegantly framed shot benefits from a masterful balance between the indoor and outdoor lighting, earning her the other FINIS Neptune MP3 player.

HONORABLE MENTION: Why explain the benefits of Endless Pool ownership when we can just point to her radiant smile? Situated in Alberta, Canada, this indoor Original Endless Pool should keep her and her family smiling all year round. (Even the pink octopus looks happy to be there!)

HONORABLE MENTION: E.J. called this pool her "dream come true." An acclaimed muralist, she created the pastel-colored landscape towering over her Performance Endless Pool. She's also an avid triathlete and opted for our underwater treadmill; now she can watch TV while she cross-trains.

HONORABLE MENTION: Vincent's 17' Endless Pools Swim Spa opens out into his backyard and the beautiful Bay Area weather. The natural wood grain adds warmth to this open-air pool room.

HONORABLE MENTION: Besides swimming, relaxation, fitness and fun, this Maryland sunroom also boasts a lovely view. With the autumn colors at their peak, the warm water of this 17' Endless Pools Swim Spa seems even more inviting.

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