Our enthusiasm
runs deep.

At Endless Pools, we create experiences and build exceptional products to deliver them.

We set the standard in compact pools and aquatic fitness technology.

While we spend our days innovating, we are also proud firsthand enthusiasts who take daily dips right inside our headquarters. Some of us train for big events. Others reenergize for the afternoon. Some work toward their personal fitness goals. We swim, exercise, run on our exclusive Underwater Treadmill, and we take spins on our lightweight Aquabike. We live this brand one stroke at a time.

Innovation has always flowed freely for us.

We trace our passion for aquatic fitness directly back to our founder, James Murdock. Inspired by his father's stories of his boyhood spent swimming in irrigation canals, Murdock invented and installed the very first Endless Pools prototype for swimmers at Columbia University in 1985. Today, we’re joined with Watkins Wellness™, a MASCO company, in helping customers around the world "Feel Good. Live Well.™" We are proud to give people everywhere the ability to experience the feel of open water swimming in the most convenient way possible.

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