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How TV’s Biggest Loser contestants lost weight with Endless Pools

The Biggest Loser Couples: Sam from Season 9 using the endless pool

Sam from Season 9 using the Endless Pool

For seven seasons, contestants on NBC’s hit reality show “The Biggest Loser” worked out in a Dual Propulsion Endless Pool, which featured two adjustable-current swim lanes and two underwater treadmills.

The Endless Pool provided an ideal exercise environment for contestants as water's buoyancy allows training without the pounding of land-based exercise. With some contestants over 500 pounds, the weight-free environment let them burn calories while reducing the risks of injury.

Having a variable-speed underwater treadmill with a resistance current enabled the contestants to vary the intensity of their workout and monitor their progress day by day. As their aerobic capacity increased, they could increase the speed of the treadmill, the speed of the current, or both.

Swimming comes close to being the perfect exercise. It uses all of the muscle groups repetitively and rhythmically, building strength and endurance without wear and tear. Swimming exercises your heart, improves circulation, tones muscles and helps shed pounds. By alternating between walking, running and swimming in the Endless Pool, contestants got a full-body workout, which can be particularly useful in the early stages of weight loss, when land-based exercise can be difficult.

Many of the contestants found the pool so enjoyable that they often used it during their free time to further their weight loss and for recovery after a grueling gym workout.

Since 1988, the Endless Pool has helped thousands of people lose weight and stay fit by making regular swimming and aquatic exercise a part of their daily routine. Request our Free Idea Kit and see for yourself how regular sessions in the privacy and convenience of your own home can help you lose weight and improve your aerobic conditioning.

In 2014, after the completion of Season 16, the show’s producers opted to shake things up by removing the pool. The fully modular Endless Pool was able to be uninstalled and reinstalled for its new owners, a couple in nearby San Pedro who now use it for swimming, recreation, and therapy for the husband’s sciatica.

"The Biggest Loser" has become a worldwide hit, airing in over 90 countries since its debut in 2004. "The Biggest Loser" has grown to become a standalone health and lifestyle brand with tools and products inspired by the show and approved by its doctors and experts. Tune in to The Biggest Loser Thursdays 8/7C on NBC.

Request our Free Idea Kit to see how an Endless Pool can help you lose weight

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