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Swim Training Reviews

“It's spectacular. You can easily bang out half an hour to an hour set in there. When you've got an Endless Pool, there's no excuse. The convenience is amazing! All my swim times are down, and they keep coming down. It's brought me to a new level.” Ivan E., Dublin, Ireland

“I'm able to just get in the stream and work on form, work on technique, and have that invaluable experience where you just can sit there for 45 minutes to an hour working on your stroke … that you just can't get, even with the longer 50m format at the Rec Center.” Rod S., Henderson, NV

Current Quality Reviews

“I previously owned their competitor and the current was not deep enough so I often over-swam the current. My Endless Pool has a current that is deeper and a lot stronger and I have found it impossible to over-swim. … The follow-up and reminders of maintenance is fantastic. They have continued to periodically check to see how I am doing with my pool.” Allen I., Summerfield, FL

“The ability to get in the water and just play on my own, with no one watching – I can be as young as I want and swim however I want. I can swim against, under, through, or with, a beautiful river of water in my own home.” Pete J., Queensland, Australia

Family Fun Reviews

“The greatest thing we've ever done. I feel much better. My grandkids enjoy it; in a couple of months, they figured out how to swim better. We just love it!” Joe K., Albrightsville, PA

“I swim everyday and have a pool for the family. My kids enjoy it so much. The majority of the time, it's a fun place where you hear kids laughing.” Roger N., Wanaka, New Zealand

Customer Service Reviews

“When I contacted Endless Pool they were GREAT and made the process go smooth and easy. These days customer satisfaction is often lacking, but NOT with Endless Pools. When they say they want to you to be satisfied, they really MEAN IT! I am 100% Satisfied.” Philip B., Wilmington, MA

“The product is so good! We were able to get the answers we needed to proceed with confidence. We are using the pool regularly and enjoying it immensely. Thanks for an excellent product and staff.” Les. S., Palmyra, PA

Rehabilitation Reviews

“We have had an Endless Pool for two years, and it might be the best decision we have ever made. This pool has given me back my fitness. My knee was shattered in a car accident years ago, and outdoor running, using a treadmill, that sort of thing, has been very painful. I do all of those things in the pool with no pain. I have lost 15 pounds since we got the pool and my percentage of muscle has increased substantially. That's really important to me.” Katherine T., Severna Park, MD

“I am delighted with the pool and greatly enjoy my morning swim which helps to keep me mobile and active in spite of the arthritis in my feet.” Judy T., Meonstoke, UK

“Having this pool has changed my life for the better. It's tough to explain to someone who's never had pain for 16-1/2 years. Not having it is such a weight off of me emotionally as well as physically. I have a new lease on life. The Endless Pool is wonderful.” Meg O., Stoddard, WI

Convenience Reviews

“I've tried to use public and private pools to keep in shape, but they're always so crowded, and it takes a lot of time getting there and back. It's been so easy to maintain, and we've gotten so much use out of it, I can't think of where we'd be now if we didn't have it.” George K. & Molly B., Santa Ana, CA

“The idea of installing one at home started when I calculated how much time is spent driving to the pool, changing, showering, and coming home. The whole process takes 45 minutes … that could be used doing more productive things at home, like fixing a nice dinner for your wife, spending time with family, and taking a nap.” Andrew S., Wauconda, IL

“It saves us a bit of commute time. That's key with a baby … the convenience of being able to pop out and have a swim between feedings and naps. That's the advantage of having the Endless Pool.” Luke M., Encinitas, CA

Year-round Use Reviews

“The pool is absolutely amazing! I have the pool set at 90 degrees and the hot tub at 104, and it's absolutely not an issue to get into the pool for a winter swim. Winter swimming is honestly as enjoyable as summer swimming. It's so comfortable and so relaxing.” Tanya R., Alberta, Canada

“It's been terrific to have it here and have it warm whenever you want to go in. It's nice to get in in winter when I can see the snow.” Pat K., Carbon County, PA

Home Beautification Reviews

“There's never a soul who walks into this house – be it a serviceman, or a carpet installer, or whoever – who isn't shown our pool because we just are so absolutely in love with it.” Linda B., De Pere, WI

“I am proud to show my Endless Pool to others. I feel it has added value to my home as well as my lifestyle.” Cameron M., Massapequa, NY

Pool Maintenance Reviews

“There's not a lot of training involved with it. We've taken over our own maintenance; we had a guy doing it, but we realized, 'we can do this, it isn't that hard.' We love it!” Sean N., San Marcos, CA

“I would recommend Endless Pools to anybody. I just add water to it. I've never had to replace the water. I change the filter as needed, and it works great. The water's always clear. I love it.” Ray S., Harkers Island, NC

Fitness Reviews

“I love the Endless Pool. The workout far exceeds a typical pool workout as you are constantly moving.” Wendy F., Bucks County, PA

“I call my Endless Pool 'my 3,000-gallon psychiatrist.' I get away from the stress of working 40 hours a week and being a single parent. I swim in the morning before my son wakes up. I love the Endless Pool.” Scott R., Fort Pierce, FL

Weight Loss Reviews

“The mental aspect of me getting in shape is 100% from the Endless Pool. Watching the calories is good, but it's no fun. Swimming is fun. Once I got back in the routine of swimming every day, the pounds started coming off.” Mike Y., Yardley, PA

“I've lost 16 pounds. I weigh what I did before I became really sick seven years ago. I back in a size 8 instead of a 12. The pool has been the best thing.” Deborah G., Ontario, Canada

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