Endless Pools News: pain relief

The Week in Swimming 2/16/2018

Olympic swimmer James Magnussen sees a double standard at the Winter Olympics, plus pain relief from cold water swimming and mermaid rights activists.

Eliminating pain and prescription medications

When conventional swimming pools in northern latitudes are covered up and useless, Linda Bain's Endless Pool is at its most "magnificent," as she describes it. Linda, a recently retired postal worker who lives in Wisconsin, has used her pool for a little more than a year to treat the symptoms ...

A doctor prescribes his own pain-relief

"Even comparatively sedate forms of exercise, like walking, were sometimes rough on my back," says Dr. Robert Voller. To relieve this chronic lower back pain, Dr. Voller crafted an Endless Pool regimen that contrasts that of users whose primary objective is building strength. Robert enhances his flexibility via frequent, short ...

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