Endless Pools: The Week in Swimming 8/19/16

Why can so few American children swim when Team USA is known for dominating Olympic swimming? (Forbes) On the upside, swim-club membership is on the rise post-Rio. (Chicago Tribune)

How much is Katie Ledecky losing by swimming for Stanford instead of accepting professional sponsorships and endorsements? (CNBC)

In the aftermath of "LochteGate," the money paid by swimmer Jimmy Feigen to leave Brazil will go to support sports programs for the country’s poorest children (USA Today)

Swimming is effective for pain relief and quality-of-life improvement for fibromyalgia sufferers, according to a new clinical trial. (Science Daily)

Add this “formerly secret” swimming hole in Vermont (Boston Globe) and a little-known pool in Manhattan (WSJ) to your list of can’t-miss swimming destinations.

The French bans on the “burkini,” a full-body swimsuit worn by some Muslim women, are being challenged in court. (BBC)

Are Hawaiian dolphins getting stressed out from swimming with tourists? A proposed federal ban says that they are. (ABC News)

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