SwimMAC Carolina announces opening of Elite Endless Pool

SwimMAC Carolina, one of the premier swim clubs in the United States, announced the opening of their Endless Pool Elite yesterday.

Director and CEO of SwimMAC David Marsh has trained swimmers in the Endless Pool for years, and will carry on the tradition of pushing his athletes to the next level with the stroke training only possible in an Endless Pool.

With an adjustable swim current that can be set at up to :51/100 meter pace, the Endless Pool will challenge each level of swimmer, from the beginner to the fledgling Olympian.

The Elite Endless Pool at SwimMAC Carolina
From Olympic swimmers to six-month-old beginners, the Elite Endless Pool at SwimMAC Carolina will help for stroke refinement and endurance training. 

Offering a wide range of swim lessons for ages 6 months and up, SwimMAC will provide instruction Monday-Saturday.

"We are excited to bring another level of teaching and learning to the community," said South Swim School Director Jean Rogers. "This is an opportunity for people to learn in a more intimate setting."

In a few short years, Endless Pools has seen their Elite Model grow in popularity with swim clubs and colleges around the country, as premier programs such as Auburn, Dartmouth, Harvard, Indiana and Louisville have installed an Elite to enhance their swim training.




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