Swim Coaching in the 21st Century: Winning Swimming and Endless Pools

"Welcome to swim coaching in the 21st Century," said New Hampshire Chronicle reporter Sean McDonald.

McDonald's report on high tech sporting equipment led him to a stop at Carolanne Caron's Winning Swimming studio in Merrimack, New Hampshire.

Specializing in one-on-one instruction and coaching for beginners to Masters swimmers, Caron uses her Endless Pool, equipped with underwater mirrors and multiple video angles, to provide focused instruction and analysis.

Private swim schools are becoming increasingly popular as professional swim coaches like Caron, a USA Swimming certified coach, take advantage of the unique benefits of the Endless Pool.

It's the perfect indoor pool for swim coaching.

“What we do is take the basic techniques and apply it to each person," said Caron. Then, as the person progresses we’re able to develop their stroke.”

With everyone from high school swimmers to triathletes to collegiate and Olympic level swimmers looking for an edge, the Endless Pool is an ideal place to break down every detail of a swimmers technique.

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