Endless Pools Meets the Elite at the 2018 Pan Am Masters

Mexican Masters swimmer Helenah Fragoso felt empowered at the Elite Endless Pool at the YMCA Aquatic Center in OrlandoWe hosted swimmers from across the hemisphere in our Elite Endless Pool® last week!

The occasion was the UANA Pan American Masters Championships in Orlando, Florida. We've been a proud sponsor of U.S. Masters Swimming for years, and this event widened the net to include more than 2,000 swimmers from North, Central, and South America.

The Elite Endless Pool features our biggest, smoothest swim current with our fastest top speed. The Elite swim current maxes out at a blistering 0:51 per 100 yards! Some swimmers eagerly took up that challenge; others used their Endless Pools swim as a warm-up or cool-down from a race.

Below, you can see a small cross-section of the swimmers who shared their experiences; for many of them, it was their first-ever swim in an Endless Pool! We thank them all for their time and their passion.

Mexican swimmer Helenah Fragoso clearly felt empowered by her Endless Pools swim! Swipe through, and you'll see that she swam freestyle, breaststroke, and butterfly. When we reposted this photo and her 3 videos, she commented, "It’s the best experience ever!!!!" in English, with a heart emoji, which is universal.

Dominican swimmer Filipe Zancul demonstrates his winning stroke in the Elite Endless Pool. Filipe took silver in the 200 butterfly and finished 4th in both the 50 and 100 fly competitions!

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Masters swimming legend Karlyn Pipes has broken world records in all four strokes, so it was a thrill when she visited the Elite Endless Pool to give free swimming lessons over four days.

As when she gave a freestyle lesson to novice triathlete Monique at our Factory Showroom, the swimmers walked away with specific tips for faster, more efficient swim strokes.

Brazilian swim coach Bruno Frazão comments here that the Endless Pool, with its underwater mirrors to monitor swim technique, gave him "a taste of how swimming is evolving." (Thanks, Google Translate!)

Darian Russell so enjoyed his freestyle swim in the Elite Endless Pool that he returned to swim butterfly against our swim current. Darian, Head Coach of New Jersey's Tsunami Swim Team, later shared, "I'm so hyped about it [I'm] really looking into investing in one for the team."

Chris Rojas competed in the 50 free having trained solely in an Elite Endless Pool in Panama. He finished in the top 10!

Dominican swimmer Eric Joel Ramos Troncoso used our overhead backstroke mirror to monitor his swim technique.

Chilean Freestyler Diego Canales asked what we feel is an always-relevant question.

Why use a treadmill when you can @endlesspools

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