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Endless Pools® Swim Spas vs. Jetted Swim Spas

Endless Pools' smooth, strong current distinguishes our pools and swim spas from jetted swim spas.

Our custom-designed 16" propeller and generously sized outlet grill produce a bubble-free swim current that's wider than your body and deeper than your stroke. It's a comfortable environment for all ages, ideal for teaching kids or competitive swimmers.

Other swim spas use pumps and jet nozzles, which can result in a current that’s either too turbulent or too weak.

The chart below illustrates the differences between the Original Endless Pools swim current and standard jetted swim spas. Of course, if you have any interest in really swimming at home, then you should try before you buy. At Endless Pools, we say that swimming is believing.

Compare: Endless Pools Jetted Swim Spas

Current System

5 or 7.5-hp motor powering a 16" propeller with a top speed of :51/100 yards.

Water conditioning grills for a smooth, laminar flow. It's so clear that you can monitor your stroke in our underwater mirrors!

Wider than your body (21"-24") and deeper than your stroke (16"-18")

Jets are typically powered by centrifugal pumps.

Most add air to the swim jets which creates turbulence and makes it more difficult to swim effectively.

Current Volume

Max. flow of 5,000 – 7,000 gallons per minute

52 speeds, adjustable via floating remote control

Some jetted swim spas cap out at 1,100 gallons per minute, others at a weak 400 gpm.

Most have just a few speed options.

Electrical Requirements

220-volt, 30-amp standard outlet, similar to that used for a clothes dryer

60-amp with treadmill and swim current.

Swim current, treadmill, pumps, and heaters can share circuits, keeping the power requirements low.

Most jetted swim spas require a minimum of 60 Hz and as many as 120 amps.

Most homes have only 200 amps, so it may require costly electrical work to expand your home's power.

Swim Quality

Top speed: Strong enough to challenge Olympians and triathletes

Lowest speed: friendly to kids and beginners, gentle enough for aquatic therapy

Most jetted swim spas require a tether. The current is too weak to hold you back, so an uncomfortable waist/ankle harness is required.

Without the tether, even novice swimmers can out-swim a jetted current!


Perfect family fun: for boogie boarding, Marco Polo, or just splashing around, kids and grandkids love the adjustable current.

Choose a Single-Shell Endless Pool for added hot-tub luxury.

Jetted swim spas are great for cooling off, aquatic exercises, and family fun; but they are lacking when it comes to being able to actually swim.


Endless Pools offers a range of different models – from custom sizes and depths to our molded-acrylic single-shell pools – allowing to choose the design best suited to your lifestyle.

Few customization options as acrylic swim spas are produced with a mold.


Installs practically anywhere: indoors, outdoors, even in existing rooms.

Modular pools are perfect for existing spaces, single-shelled pools are ideal for outdoors.

The one-piece construction of jetted swim spas limits you to outdoors, garages, and new construction.


Affordable, indoors or out

Endless Pool models start at $19,900 with a swim current

Swim spa prices vary. Each swim spa company sets their own product, delivery, installation, start-up, and service charges. You may pay less for a jetted swim spa ... but you really need to try before you buy.

The choice is clear. Now, which Endless Pool is right for you?

  • Original Endless Pool, a steel panel pool which provides maximum design flexibility and can be installed in new or existing spaces.
  • Single-Shell Endless Pool, a one-piece acrylic pool that combines the industry's leading current (optional) with spa seating.

Still considering another type of pool? Find out how Endless Pools stack up against Fiberglass Pools, Infinity Pools, Traditional In-ground Pools, and Lap Pools.

The Endless Pool®. Swim the Original. Experience the best.

Swim whenever you like on your own schedule at your own perfect pace. No traveling, no crowded pools, no heavy chlorine. Just your own precision engineered swimming pool,where you swim or exercise against a smooth current that's fully adjustable to any speed or ability. Our swimming pools are simple to install, easy to maintain, and economical to run.

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