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Commercial Endless Pools® vs. HydroWorx®

Aquatic Therapy

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Commercial & Public Use Pools

Physical therapists and swim coaches agree: Endless Pools provide stellar performance and the most flexible options at an unbeatable value.

With the Endless Pools Commercial Series, you get:

  • A powerful swim current(s)
  • Unparalleled instruction opportunities
  • Variable-speed hydraulic underwater treadmill(s)
  • Custom sizing with our modular construction
  • Expert installation from our nationwide network of Factory-Trained Installers

And that state-of-the-art functionality and service come at a drastically lower cost than commercial pools by HydroWorx!

Compared to HydroWorx, Endless Pools give you more for less.

Why are Endless Pools so Competitively Priced?

  1. We make and sell in greater volume. As the leader in counter-current pools, we manufacture more than 1,500 units a year, more than any other company.
  2. We specialize in commercial-grade pools. Endless Pools is now the only modular pool company to receive the rigorous NSF-50 certification. Our NSF-50 models feature upgraded components to streamline local permitting and assure your clientele that they can Swim Safer™.
  3. We design for ease of installation. Our 200+ Factory-Trained Installers are fast and experienced, so they can quote you a reasonable price.

Compare: Endless Pools HydroWorx


From $26,400 to $48,900

Optional treadmill: $9,000

From $56,900 to $219,900

Optional treadmill: $17,900


Endless Pools' current is wider than your body and deeper than your stroke.

With space on either side, staff can be comfortably in the pool with the student/patient. This affords unparalleled rehab and instruction opportunities while making it easy for the user to step out of the current.

HydroWorx pools feature resistance jets only. They deliver a shallow, narrow, turbulent current.


Fully modular with steel-panel construction. All pieces fit through doorways and down stairs. Installation is possible virtually anywhere.

Modular steel-panel construction, but with oversized pieces that are not accessible through most doorways.

Space Requirements

Your site needs to be just 2'x3' bigger than the water area. (i.e. 10'x14' water area requires only a 12'x17' room!

Above-ground, corner installations are common.

Requires up to 9'x16' of space in addition to the pool’s footprint.

Most HydroWorx models require a lower-level mechanical pit.

Electrical Requirements

The standard Endless Pool is fully powered from a single-phase 220-volt, 60-amp outlet (or 3-phase 208/480).

Up to 5 service drops are required, including 3 100-amp, 3-phase, 4- or 5-wire configurations.


Sizes range from 7'x7' to 16'x16' with variations possible in 1' increments. Water depth options range from 39" to 6'.

Only the top-of-the-line model and the HydroWorx Plunge series offer any size options. Their other 5 models are one-size-fits-all.


Endless Pools offers a nationwide network of 200+ Factory-Trained Installers.

Typically require 50-64 labor-hours (up to 32 hours by 2 workers).

Hire your own General, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing contractors.

Phase-2 installation begins at least 30 days after Phase 1 is complete.


We manufacture and ship in as little as 4 weeks.

HydroWorx delivery times range from 120 to 250 days (more than 8 months!).


10-year structural warranty; 2 years on materials and workmanship.

5-year structural warranty; 1 year on moving parts.

With more than 20,000 installations since 1988, Endless Pools stands as the established industry leader for safe, reliable, high-quality commercial pools.

The choice is clear. Now, which Endless Pool is right for you?

  • Commercial Endless Pool, a steel-panel pool with maximum flexibility for design and installation in new or existing/leased spaces; with three swim current options.
  • Commercial Elite Endless Pool – a revolutionary design with the fastest, smoothest current on the market; used daily by SwimMAC, Auburn, UMich, Harvard, and others.
  • Commercial Dual-Propulsion Endless Pool, for group swim/therapy sessions, featuring two Original Endless Pool current generators and up to two underwater treadmills.
  • Commercial WaterWell, an affordable installation for aquatic therapy, it's like an Original Endless Pool without the swim current.

The Endless Pool®. Swim the Original. Experience the best.

Endless Pools - A Stroke of Genius