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Buffalo News: Sunny Side Up

Summer Year Round
Summer Year Round

It may only be early February, but the temperature is rising in some local homes. These are the homes where people find ways to invite warm weather in-even when there is snow on the ground. Whether it's an inexpensive vase of fresh flowers on the kitchen table or a costly sunroom off the back of the house, winter somehow seems shorter when signs of summer are around.

Swimsuits even enter the picture in the Hyden home in North Tonawanda, where Marlene Hyden answered the front door one recent day looking very spa-like in her white terry cloth cover-up.

Two years ago, she and her husband, John, built on a 22-by-20 pool room and installed an Endless Pool, a 9-by-15 swimming pool that features an adjustable counter-current so they can swim or exercise in place.

The Hydens see it as an alternative to a swimming pool at a fitness center. "He likes to swim, and I like to do water aerobics. This way we can swim when we want and I don't have to go outside with wet hair," said Marlene Hyden, an auditor for the state Department of Motor Vehicles.

As the manufacturer explains on its Web site,, the counter-current is generated by a propeller inside a protective stainless steel house that is driven by a hydraulic motor. The standard pool depth is 39 inches, but the Hydens opted to go to 51 inches at its deepest level to accommodate water aerobics, explained John Hyden, a civil engineer for the Department of Environmental Conservation.

The swimming pool, which is constructed from modular steel panels, was installed right over the shallow concrete basement. The swimming pool room also features a gas fireplace with thermostat, hot tub, wicker furniture, a cedar floor and a combination of glass block and plenty of windows.

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