Fastlane Pro Pricing

Enjoy our swim current in your new or existing pool

The Fastlane Pro starts at $8,990. Endless Pools offers two Fastlane Pro models, Wall Mount and Deck Mount. The Wall Mount Fastlane Pro fastens directly to the pool wall with the use of a wall mount bracket and is ideal for new construction or major pool refurbishments. The Deck Mount Fastlane Pro attaches to the deck of the pool and can be retrofit to any pool.

Each Fastlane Pro includes a Swim Unit (Sapphire or Platinum) with intake and outlet grills, stainless steel grab rail, wall or deck mount bracket, 5 hp swim current generator and 25 feet dual connecting hydraulic hoses.

Customize your Fastlane Pro swim unit with an underwater mirror, swim pace display, and more. Call our design professionals today at 866-558-7946 and we'll help you choose the perfect Fastlane Pro for you and your family.

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