Endless Pools Fastlane® series FAQs

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How fast is the Fastlane swim current?

The Fastlane Pro offers dozens of speeds, adjusted by remote or by the Endless Pools Fit@Home app for iOS or Android. The top speed is equivalent to 1:08 per 100 yards.
The Fastlane Sport model adjusts manually for top speeds equal to 2:00 per 100 yards.

Is the speed of the Fastlane current adjustable?

The Fastlane Pro is fully adjustable in speed using a water-resistant remote or the Endless Pools Fit@Home app for iOS or Android. The Fastlane Sport adjusts manually to a lower top speed.

How is the Fastlane current generated?

The Fastlane Pro uses a hydraulically-powered 16" propeller to draw water into the unit. Arrays of turning vanes and conditioning grills smooth the water to produce a swim current that is wider than your body and deeper than your stroke. The Fastlane Pro can move up to 5,000 gallons a minute; the water flows through a large opening (21"x16") at low pressure to produce a river-like current.
The Fastlane Sport relies on the 'Venturi Effect.' Venturi jets increase the flow of water exiting the jets by sucking in additional water as the pressure drops. The result is a current that is both more powerful and smoother than jetted currents that combine water and air.
Both Fastlane models are VGB-compliant and UL1563-recognized, an independently verified safety standard.

What are the power requirements?

The Fastlane Pro's remotely located Power Unit requires 208-220-Volt, 30-Amp, 60 Hz GFCI electric service; it's similar to the power requirements of a common household clothes dryer.
The Fastlane Sport needs a 110v, 20-amp, dedicated GFCI circuit.

Where can I put the Fastlane's power unit?

The Fastlane Pro's Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) can be installed either indoors or outdoors. It should be elevated from the ground and placed on a flat surface. The motor is not designed to be run in a wet environment, and suitable protection is required if the HPU is installed outdoors. If you choose to locate your HPU in an unprotected area, we recommend that you opt for the Outdoor HPU with Weather Guard for added protection.
The Fastlane Sport is completely self-contained. The pump that generates the current is enclosed at the top, under the lid.

What cold weather maintenance is required?

At the end of the swimming season, we recommend that any Fastlane model be removed from the swimming pool and winterized.
For the Fastlane Pro, the optional Outdoor Power Unit with Weather Guard should be covered completely and secured tightly. Freezing will not affect the oil that remains in your hydraulic hoses.

Can the Fastlane be used with a salt system?

Yes, if the pool and Fastlane are both properly bonded and you maintain proper water chemistry. We do make different maintenance recommendations due to the corrosive effect of salt water; please ask your Design Representative at 866-871-8622 for complete details.

Will the Fastlane fit in my pool?

All Fastlane models are designed to fit in virtually any pool. We recommend that the pool have 200 sq. ft. of surface area and have 39" water depth at the location where you plan to install your Fastlane.

How big is the Fastlane Pro swim unit?

Fully assembled, the Fastlane Pro is 34" tall, 18" deep, and 29" wide.
The Fastlane Sport is 51" tall, 15" deep (not including the Deck-Mount Bracket), and 23.5" wide.

How does the Deck-Mount Fastlane attach to my pool?

A Deck-Mounting Bracket is anchored to your pool deck with 2 to 4 fasteners. The Current Unit attaches to the bracket with a Hanger Bracket. The Current Unit can be moved up or down on the Hanger Bracket to accommodate for the freeboard height of your pool.
The Fastlane Pro mounts to either the pool wall (new pool construction) or deck (existing pools).
The Fastlane Sport attaches to the pool deck with only 5 fasteners.

How far from the pool edge does the Deck-Mounting Bracket extend?

With the Fastlane Pro, the Deck-Mounting Bracket extends 18.5" onto the pool deck. The hydraulic hoses can run over the pool deck to connect the Current Unit to the Power Unit; hose clips are included. Alternatively, you can run them under the pool deck using conduit or deck drain.
With the Fastlane Sport, the Deck-Mounting Bracket extends 18" onto the pool deck. It's electrical connections can run over the pool deck or in conduit or deck drain.

How does the Wall-Mount Fastlane Pro attach to my pool?

A Wall-Mounting Bracket is secured in your pool wall during construction or refurbishment. The hydraulic hoses run through the wall mounting bracket, through the pool wall, and under the pool deck; they emerge near the Power Unit or, when the Power Unit is further than 25 feet from the Current Unit, a junction box.

Who's going to install the Fastlane?

Any deck-mount Fastlane model can be self-installed by a reasonably handy homeowner or by one of our Factory Trained Installers.
The Wall-Mount Fastlane Pro is typically installed by your pool builder during construction or refurbishment.
Electrical connections should be completed by a licensed electrician. If you have further questions, please call our Design Professionals at 866-558-7946.

Which Fastlane model is best for me?

The Fastlane Pro delivers the most versatility. The Pro current allows you to fine-tune the speed settings digitally, and its faster top speed is better suited for strong or competitive swimmers. With more power, the Fastlane Pro also offers more options for fitness and fun, particularly in larger pools.
The Fastlane Sport has a narrower range of speeds. The Sport current best suits casual swimmers. For recreation and 'lazy river' functions, the Fastlane Sport works best in smaller pools.