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Since 1988, we've sold over 20,000 Endless Pools to people of all ages and abilities for swimming, exercise, therapy and fun. 90% of our owners report using their Endless Pool every week - making this one piece of fitness equipment that won't collect dust in your home!

Take the next step towards getting fit and staying fit for life, on your terms, in your own home. Watch our videos or browse our Photo Gallery and see how our customers from Maine to California have installed their Endless Pool. Then request your Free Planning Kit and build the pool of your dreams.

Find Pools in your Neighborhood

With thousands of pools installed throughout the country we are sure to have some near you. Visit our Pool Locator to see how many there are in your town.

Try a pool near you

See for yourself how you can swim or exercise in place against a current set at a speed you select, for as long as you like. No more trips to a membership pool. Simply fill in the form and we will get in touch with you about taking a test swim in a pool in your area. We can respond immediately if you call us at 866-558-7946.

Request your Free Planning Kit today - it may be
the best thing you ever do for your health and well-being

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The Endless Pool®. Swim the Original. Experience the best.

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