Covid-19 Updates

Dear Hot Tub and Aquatic Fitness Enthusiast,

The long and difficult year that was 2020 is now behind us. We all learned a lot about life, loss, and each other, and no doubt struggled at times along the way. However, we also persevered, and now arrive at a better place.

A new year brings with it the excitement and optimism of a fresh start. It also comes with more clarity and some much-needed certainty. As a manufacturer, we also know that 2021 will have its own set of challenges. Notably, global supply chains remain unreliable for many reasons; meaning periodic production interruptions are inevitable. That reality notwithstanding, the toughest days have passed, and I am happy to report that all Watkins Wellness® facilities worldwide are open, fully operational, and executing at a high level.

Thank you for considering the purchase of one of our products. Our purpose at Watkins Wellness is to produce products that when regularly used improve peoples’ lives in meaningful ways. As our tagline declares, we want everyone to Feel Good. Live Well ®.

As you might imagine, more and more people are taking responsibility for their own well-being and have discovered the unique wellness benefits of daily warm water immersion and aquatic exercise. From rejuvenation and recovery to relaxation and relief, there are simply no substitutes or alternative products that are more apt for the times in which we are living today. As a result, demand for hot tubs and aquatic exercise vessels remain at historic levels and wait times are measured in months instead of weeks.

While it has been said and sung that, “the waiting is the hardest part”, it is also true that, “good things come to those who wait”. If you have gotten in line for one of our branded hot tubs, Endless Pools® models or an Aquatic Fitness System®, we appreciate you doing so. Thank you for your continued patience.

Watkins Wellness is the world’s largest producer of hot tubs and aquatic exercise vessels (through our Endless Pools ® brand). As such, we are producing and shipping at significant daily volumes, while keeping our nearly 3,000 employees safe, and maintaining our high quality standards. Our focus is on reducing lead times and fulfilling our commitment to you as soon as possible.

We take seriously our mission to Deliver the Absolute Best Shopping and Ownership Experience® and we are anxious to welcome you to the family. Again, thank you for hanging in there with us during this extraordinary time (and the long wait times that are an unfortunate result). If you are an existing owner, thank you for trusting us. We are grateful for your business, and remind you that our Customer Care Teams are always at your service.

Wishing you warm, relaxing and healthy days ahead.

Be well,

Steven M. Hammock