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Commercial Pools for Unique Professional Applications

Case Study: The Brownlee Brothers

Brownlee Brothers and their Endless Pool

Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee discuss how they used an Endless Pool and underwater treadmill to train and rehabilitate injury in advance of their 2012 Olympic gold and bronze medal wins.

Endless Pools Commercial Series

For faster outcomes and greater profitability, Endless Pools manufactures commercial therapy and exercise pools, starting at just $26,400.

With more than 20,000 Endless Pools in over 100 countries, our experience and size allows us to provide the most cost-effective solution - without sacrificing any of the quality you demand. Ask about our NSF-50 models; they meet the most rigorous nationally recognized commercial standard and were designed to streamline your local permitting process.

The Endless Pools Commercial Series features our industry-best, variable-speed swim current and our hydraulically powered underwater treadmill. Our modular, steel-panel design allows for customized sizing and installation almost anywhere, even in existing rooms. Use our ROI calculator to determine how an Endless Pool can improve your profitability.

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Commercial Pool Financing

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