The Week in Swimming 3/8/2018

USA Swimming announced the lineup for their 4th annual #SwimBiz Conference.

Get inspired by the world-record performance from this 99-year-old swimmer! (BBC)

New Yorkers, the city's Parks Department offers free learn-to-swim classes with your local rec center membership this spring. (Time Out)

Cute Overload: check out the swimmers at these dog-only aquatic centers. (Washington Post, with video)

Which U.S. Presidents loved swimming … and which ones didn't? (The Cheat Sheet)

Find out what it takes to get a college swimming scholarship. Then watch this video of World Champion swimmer Chase Kalisz discussing his training day. (Swim Swam)

Everyday should be #internationalwomensday ??????

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I have come to the decision to finish my swimming career. A decision that has grown over time and it brings a mix of emotions. It is very difficult to leave behind something that has been a huge part of my life for so long. At the same time, it’s a choice that I feel satisfied making and I am very grateful to leave my swimming career behind me, knowing that swimming has formed me to the person that I am today. - As I reflect on my 20-year long swimming career that started in a small country town, I feel privileged to have been able to achieve dreams that I had since I was a kid. To stand atop the medal dais is a feeling that I cannot even begin to describe. Yet for me it is not the medals themselves or the records that I broke that make me the most proud. It is the entire journey in itself. - This journey would never have been possible without all the wonderful people that I’ve met along the way. Training partners, coaches, clubs, support staff, sponsors, competitors, fans and supporters: THANK YOU for supporting me in both good times and in hard times and for making all the hours and energy I put into this sport worthwhile. Thank you for being part of my journey! - To my family, friends and most of all my parents: THANK YOU for making all of this possible. I am so grateful that you will continue to be there as my strongest supporters now that the next chapter begins. - Every journey has its time and it is time for me to leave it to the next generation of swimmers in the pool as I embrace new and exciting pathways. - Once again, thank you! ?? - (Photo: Christine Olsson/TT)

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