Endless Pools: The Week in Swimming 10/22/17

After Katie Ledecky successfully led the charge at last weekend's USA College Challenge (Team USA), Michael Phelps made a bold prediction for her prospects at Tokyo 2020 (

Business Insider

How did Olympic swimmer Lia Neal feel making her professional debut against her former Stanford teammates? (

Swimming World
, with video)

The upstart pro swimmers union called GAPS just grew its membership by seven Olympic swimmers. (Swim Swam)

Never Give Up: A New Jersey man celebrated his 70th birthday by returning to a local swimming pool for the first time since he nearly drowned there two years ago! (My Central Jersey, with video)

Get inspired by these two efforts to combat the low rate of swimming skills in communities of color – one in the DC Public Schools (WAMU) and one spearheaded by Baltimore's Sigma Gamma Rho sorority (

The Sun

In open water swimming, a swimmer with type 1 diabetes has her sights set on the Open Water Swimming Triple Crown (College Swimming) while a British man will swim 45km around Hong Kong to raise money to provide free swimming lessons (SCMP).

🇺🇸 @kledecky & @caelebdressel are nominated for Team USA's Best of the Year awards! Find the link to vote🗳in our bio!

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He taught thousands how to swim including myself. RIP. #totalimmersion

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Words fall short with any effort to express Fran’s impact on so many. It is said the only life well lived is the positive constructive impact of that life on other lives. The only value of that life is the size of the hole left in our life, in the wake of that persons passing. I am unable to measure the size of the hole left in my life with Fran’s leaving us. He always was bigger then the sport he is remembered for racing. He will forever be in my memory every time I see a swimmer standing on the medal stand with a smile on their face and their hand on their heart. He will be there when I see a picture of a swimmer dolphin diving into the surf with strength and grace. He will be in the core of every swimmer I see approach this sport with a hard hat and brown paper bag mentality approach to hard work. I will see him everyday when I see the names; Pat, Pete, Maddy, Claire, and Teresa pop up in my admiration for the Crippen Family. I am forever grateful that the Crippen Family shared Fran’s life with our community. Fran gave the sport something to be proud of. Fran taught me that mentors and teachers are not always older than me. This huge empty place in my life that was left with Fran’s loss, will never be filled. I do find great warmth in knowing how profoundly rich my life has become since Fran Crippen’s walk (really run) with me was and still is from his passing through. Everyone in our sport should reach out and touch someone the way Fran enriched lives. My thoughts and prayers are daily with the Crippen Family. #francrippenelevation #workthedream

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