The Week in Swimming 1/25/2018

USA Swimming launched

Kick Set
, with an interview with Sanford women's swimming coach, Greg Meehan. (SoundCloud)

What does it mean for the sport of swimming now that magazine has merged with the International Swimming Hall of Fame?

Did growth in women's sports after Title IX cost men? One sports economist says, "No." (


Take a look at Phelps, the swimming hedgehog, as he uses aquatic therapy to strengthen his hind legs. (BBC)

Stepping up to an elite aquatics center? Here are 9 rookie mistakes to avoid. (Red Bull)

At this Paris pool, nude swimming is allowed … with one exception. (

The Sun

Why are some fitness buffs eschewing trendy boutique gyms to return to their local YMCA or public pool? (

New York Times

To swim in a frozen Scottish loch, this wild swimmer has to first clear the ice!




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