The Week (and More) in Swimming

Props to Missy Franklin, Cullen Jones, Rowdy Gaines, and the other Olympic swimmers who teach lower-income kids to swim through the USA Swimming Foundation. (US News & World Report)

Last year, he completed an Olympic-distance triathlon while carrying a 100-pound tree. This year, Ross Edgely aims to set four world records with something he's calling Strongman Swimming. (GQ)

Part of the "Meditation for Real Life" series, these tips can help you be mindful while swimming. (New York Times)

Here's how to perform your usual gym moves in the pool this summer. (Sports Illustrated) Or try this 30-minute workout for beginning swimmers. (Health)

Don't miss these stunning photos from a Scottish filmmaker documenting his wild swimming. (BBC)

Get inspired: This six-year-old born without arms now swims competitively! (AOL, with slideshow) And this 74-year-old Olympic swimmer now teaches veterans how to swim. (Fox, with video)

2017 Adventures 100% CONFIRMED: Introducing #StrongmanSwimming ~ In 2016 I completed the first Tree-athlon (an Olympic Distance Triathlon carrying a 100lbs tree) to raise money for charity. But in 2017 the tree-athlete will LIVE ON! Taking things up a level and (training @davidlloydleisure and coached by the legend @kerianne_payne and her @triscape_ team) I will complete a year-long series of extreme, long-distance, open water swimming events with a 100lbs tree attached to my trunks (again to raise money & awareness for some amazing causes). Completed in some of the world’s most stunning seas, rivers and lakes, it will start with a 10km swim in the Lake District during the Windermere @great_swim on June 10th, go via the historic banks of the river Thames (15km) and stunning scenery of Loch Lomond (20km) and will all end back at the sport's birthplace in the Caribbean as I attempt to become the first person to swim 40km from the island of Martinique to St Lucia on November 12th in partnership with the legends at @TheBodyHoliday all fuelled on a lot of @theproteinworks nut butter, haha ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― Get signed up (FREE) to my newsletter (link in bio) to follow my diet, training, charities, partner announcements AND maybe more events added ;-) This will be a CRAZY year of sharks, swims and seaweed, haha as i push the boundaries of "human capabilities and common sense" to quote my GIANT friend @bigbenchre Haha :-) So tag EVERYONE and anyone!

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