Swim Technique with Speedo & Endless Pools

Speedo engaged Olympic athletes to shoot a series of swimming videos using the Endless Pools swim current. The world's leading swimwear brand, Speedo used high-resolution, high-speed video to capture these stunning displays of athletic grace and beauty.

All videos were shot in the Endless Pools Elite model. Featuring our smoothest, most powerful swim current, the Elite pool maxes out at a 0:51/100-yard pace! That makes the Elite suitable for professional stroke training and challenging athletic workouts. The Elite is the model that Speedo USA installed in their Cyprus, California, headquarters.

To capture the swim technique details, Endless Pools contributed the variable-speed swim current required to hold these world-class athletes in place during shooting.

Freestyle Stroke Demonstration

When you swim freestyle (aka the front crawl), are you getting full extension with your arm? Are you getting proper body rotation? Do you maintain the most hydrodynamic body position? This video shows you how it's done!

To check your own freestyle technique and make real-time corrections, Endless Pools offers swim mirrors to let you see and refine your stroke as you're swimming. It's a sure-fire way to connect what you're actually doing with how you perceive those movements.

Breaststroke Demonstration

The glide is a critical part of a proper breaststroke. The glide uses the momentum of your frog kick to propel you forward almost completely underwater. The breaststroke is the slowest of the main swim strokes, but it's an excellent endurance-builder.

Head Lead Body Drill

In this butterfly stroke drill, Coach Jeff Pease instructs Olympic gold-medalist Jessica Hardy through a dolphin kick. The goal is to develop the proper body motion for the fastest, most efficient butterfly stroke. Portions of this video were shot in a traditional Olympic-size pool to demonstrate the kick-off.

Butterfly Stroke Demonstration

In this swim video, the challenging butterfly stroke is broken down into four component parts: the kick, the stroke, breathing, and body positioning. The slow-motion video, made possible by the Endless Pools current, helps detail the nuances that make an effective butterfly stroke.

Backstroke Demonstration

Breathing is not an issue with the backstroke, but a steady head position remains critical when mastering this challenging swim stroke. The backstroke requires proper head position while your shoulders are rolling and your body maintains a side-to-side motion.

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