Recreation Pools

Perfect for family fun, these pools just happen to be versatile for so much more!

Nothing’s better on a hot, summer day than a nice dip in the pool. In the winter, heated pools are a comfort, if you choose to keep your pool operational all year round!

Regardless of when you use it, a pool means endless fun for everyone in it, no matter the shape or size. Even in the smallest pools, kids can splash around and play games, and adults can take a dip just to relax.

How to enjoy a lazy afternoon with your two donuts: Joan does her aquatic therapy in her indoor Performance Pool; she also uses it as her recreation pool too. It's the next best thing to open water when you're in a landlocked town in Michigan.

So, if you’re looking for a great way to pass the time and maybe enjoy some active fun, a recreation pool may be just what you need.

Why buy a pool?

Pools are incredibly helpful for exercise. At Endless Pools, we always emphasize health and fitness. There are also fun, restful reasons one might want a recreation pool.

For instance, even if almost any pool activity can double as exercise, you don’t need to exercise to be able to have fun with your pool! You don’t need to be fit to buy a pool; you don’t even need to want to get fit, even if your pool will probably help you with that.

For a serious workout, Endless Pools offers a Rowing Kit. Clearly, these guys are just out for some fun! Our adjustable current lets them row, row, row in place. (It lets their dad, Martin, swim in place for fun and fitness.) It's just one way that our pool owners get creative with their playtime.

All you need to know is that you’ll use the pool, in whatever way you want, and that you’ll enjoy it.

Whether you want to cool down or have a blast, recreation pools are there for you. You can essentially use your pool to fit whatever purpose you want it to serve.

It’s no wonder that recreation pools are so popular, especially when you consider that swimming has been found by the CDC to improve overall mood and help with some mental illnesses.

If you’ve found yourself more stressed lately, or even just bored, a pool could be the answer to your problems. If you know you love swimming and would have a lot of fun in a pool, why not consider buying one of your own?

For the Whole Family

Kids especially can have a lot of fun with a pool. They’re always finding new ways to use our pools recreationally.

Marco Polo, racing, and diving underwater to retrieve toys are all fun pool games. You can also take games your kids play on land and adjust them to work in a pool, too, like tag or volleyball. Just make sure they know not to play in the pool without an adult present!

The Endless Pools current lets the good times flow! Kids love to have the current cranked up to a top speed. (They don't have to know that active fun is actually great exercise for them!) Tom and Fleur set up this Original model as their recreation pool in 1999! All these years later, it's still in use for swimming and family fun.

Not only will your kids have a lot of fun in a recreation pool, but they’ll also benefit from it. Having access to a recreational pool will encourage your kids to be more active.

Older adults and senior citizens, too, have good reasons to enjoy a pool. The water can relieve joint pain and help one to relax, especially if it’s at a warmer temperature.

Even the dog can get in on the fun! If it’s your pool, then you make the rules, and you can allow your dog to swim for additional activity.

Pools are sure to bring fun for everyone, no matter how old or how active you are.

Endless Pools, Endless Fun

Endless Pools has always taken fitness very seriously with our models, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t design our pools for fun as well. There are plenty of ways to use our pools recreationally, between parties where everyone is splashing around or a relaxing, quiet night in.

One of our most popular recreation pools, especially among families, is the WaterWell® pool. Of course, any pool can be used for fun as well as fitness; the Endless Pools current greatly expands your options to do both.

Pool noodles and this partially in-ground Endless Pools setup are all that's needed for an afternoon of active fun! Beth and her two daughters stay active and make memories in their backyard recreation pool. (When the kids are napping, Beth will be back in this versatile pool to train for triathlon swimming.)

Swim for as long as you want without stopping to do a flip turn or turn the current on for your kids and watch them laugh as it sweeps them from one end of the pool to the other.

Our Swim Spas — specifically our RecSport® Recreation Systems — are also the perfect place for a family to get together. It features an easily controllable water temperature and three airless jets that enhance playtime as well as workouts.

Your pool can be whatever you make of it! If you want to buy a pool just to have a good time, then you can absolutely make that happen! Even if you don’t intend to buy a pool for recreation, chances are you’ll have a lot of fun anyway.

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