Pecos County Memorial Hospital Features Endless Pools® Installation

Fort Stockton, Texas - It's been half a decade in the making but today Pecos County unveiled a brand new physical therapy center.

After millions of dollars and 5 years of building; this mammoth new state of the art facility is ready to serve the people of Pecos County and beyond.

"Dialysis care, the specialty doctors, the dental clinic, the fitness area, the state of the art fitness equipment, the Endless Pool, the indoor walking track," said Pecos County Memorial Hospital CEO, Russell Tippin.

It's the new crown jewel of Pecos County Memorial Hospital...displaying the latest in rehabilitation technology.

"You could take this facility and everything that it has in it and you could plant it smack center San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Dallas," said District 19 Texas Senator Carlos Uresti.

Patients don't have to travel to all those big cities anymore for treatment, now they can do it at home.

"People can come here, get their treatment and be back home in a matter of minutes instead of a matter of hours," said Tippin.

Even though millions of dollars were spent on it's construction, many believe to results will be priceless.

"I think it shows the wisdom of Pecos County in investing not only in their health but in their future and generations to come," said Senator Uresti.

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