Kat Has Some Serious Fun (Part 2 of 2)

In our previous blog post about Endless Pools® customer Kat, she discussed how her Performance model helped her lose 30 pounds, postpone knee-replacement surgery, and reduce pain so she could finally sleep through the night. We didn't mention how much fun she's having while making these quality-of-life strides!

Dancing and Relaxing

"I just dance!" she gushes. "I put music on and just dance in the pool. It's ridiculous. My gosh, I just feel so free."

She installed her Endless Pool for rehabilitation exercises plus a separate hot tub for relaxation; she's since found that the Endless Pool serves both ends. She even hung a television over the pool.

"I could get in the hot tub, but no, I think, 'I can get in the pool and watch a movie.'" It's a ritual she enjoys alone, with her husband, Doug, and when her grandkids are visiting. "I've seen Frozen about 14 times in the pool!"

Counting the Conveniences

Having an Endless Pool at home saves her a long commute to and from a highly chlorinated public pool. The at-home convenience, she estimates, "probably saves me an hour and half out of my day."

"The chlorine in a public pool bothers my eyes. The Endless Pool has almost no chlorine," she notes. Because our state-of-the-art water quality system is "so efficient, I don't wear goggles, and I'm fine."

The distance and the chemicals weren't her only concerns. "I don't like being in bathing suits in public," she confides.

On top of all that, she finds, "It's easy to care for." When Kat's Endless Pools Design Representative, Lynne, told her that regular maintenance takes just minutes a week, "I thought, 'Really?' But it does!"

Performance Pool #2

Kat and Doug are preparing to move some 300 miles from their current home … and their Endless Pools Performance model. To avoid missing the fun and therapeutic benefits, "we're putting in a new one! We've already contacted an installer."

With her second Endless Pools model preparing to ship, Kat gushes, "I feel like this natural ambassador because it's been so amazing for me. It's the world's best pool for private use."

Kat converted her garage into a modern fitness room, complete with a partially in-ground Endless Pool. She uses her pool daily, sometimes twice a day, to stay active despite a long-term knee injury. Besides measurably improved health, Kat praises the pool for being easy to maintain, requiring little chlorine, and being more relaxing than her hot tub!

UPDATE: Kat has been enjoying her second Endless Pools Performance model in their new home. The installation style is similar, with some smart new touches. The contrasting wall color adds depth, while the more sparing use of tile saved money while creating a cleaner look with a bold blue accent. 
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