Fancy a "Sheddie"?

With the winter months coming, do you dream of warmer climes and then go out to the shed and find it’s freezing, damp and smells a bit?

Well think about what sheddies Sarah and Guy Bowden do when they disappear to their shed at the bottom of their garden in Caerphilly.

They said: “We’ve got an Endless Pool from the USA and we did all the internal work on the shed ourselves, and put the pool in ourselves too.”

The Bowdens installed their Endless Pools Original Series pool in their garden shed for year-round enjoyment.

They join the list of a lot of sheddies who live the good life via their sheds.

Lili’s Bar owned by Lili James was built because it was getting to be a bit of a pain getting out of the hot tub to go and get another bottle from the kitchen. The idea developed and her shack built by hand.

And finally, the shed to beat all leisure sheds – a sauna in the garden owned by Andy.

“My son and I built our Shedna on a trailer because we couldn’t work out where to put it. It is made to a proper spec and weighs more than one and a quarter tons, but stays lovely and warm for hours.

“It has a homemade woodburner and seats 10 in the sauna.”

So follow their example this winter and get comfortable, sheddies.

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