Endless Pools® Swim Spa featured in Washington Post

The Washington Post featured an Endless Pools Swim Spa in their recent backyard aquatic installations feature. The Wadsworths, a DC-based couple, decided on a complete renovation of their backyard, terracing the slope of their hilly garden with stone walls, and adding a patio with a fire pit, an outdoor kitchen with fireplace and brick oven. They completed the job with a brand new deck fitted with an Endless Pools Swim Spa.

Jill Wadsworth works out in the Endless Pools Swim Spa that she and her husband added to their deck. Besides enjoying fun, fitness, and relaxation in their swim spa, Jill appreciates the aesthetic. "When we get up in the morning and walk into the kitchen," she says, "it provides a beautiful view.” Photo: Astrid Riecken for The Washington Post


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