Oman Tribune: OHI Launches New Swimming Pool Training Aid

MUSCAT -- OHI Electronic held a demonstration, while launching a new pool device, the "Fastlane", that works like a swimming pool treadmill at the Al Falaj Hotel here on Sunday.

Called the swimmer's treadmill, the remote-controlled, speed-adjustable Fastlane allows any swimmer to swim in place for as long as they want at the speed they want.

During the course of the demonstration, British School Muscat (BSM) swimming coach David Rogers said the Fastlane device was able to create a counter-current of different speeds so that in a limited area within a small pool, swimmers could actually get the equivalent of a 2-3km swim with the full exercise of all the muscles.

The speed of the counter-current could be varied with the help of a small, cellphone-sized and easy-to-use remote according to how much exercise a swimmer wants to get out of it, added Rogers.

Not only perfect for swimming, the Fastlane is ideal for water aerobics, aqua jogging, rehabilitation, therapy and family fun.

Participating in the demonstration four students of BSM swam different strokes in the counter-current showing the device's application in training and exercise.

The OHI GM Devan Thuppali said the Fastlane device actually created a current in the swimming pool that mimicked a smooth flowing river.

He added that unlike jetted alternatives, the Fastlane generates a wide tract of crystal clear water, bubble free, with a completely adjustable water flow, creating the perfect swimming environment.





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