VIDEO: How Megan Gets the MOST out of her Endless Pool

What’s new in Coralville, Iowa? According to this video from ABC-affiliate KCRG, it’s the Elite Endless Pool® in Megan Oesting’s garage.

A USMS record holder and 2009 All-American, Megan earned her Masters Degree in educational measurement and statistics. Then she decided to follow her passion and dedicate herself to another type of education: swim coaching.

Referred to us by three-time Olympic gold medalist Rowdy Gaines, who swims daily in his own Endless Pool, Megan found our Elite to be the perfect solution to offering world-class coaching right from her home. Her Endless Pool has been installed for less than a year, and she’s already making headline news.

While the anchors call the garage installation “unique” and “unusual,” indoor Endless Pools are actually quite common. Our modular design allows all pool components to easily fit through doors and down stairs, so onsite assembly (usually a two-day process) can happen almost anywhere – in basements, sunrooms, and yes, even garages.

Megan Oesting Swim Technique (MOST) offers swim instruction and video stroke analysis for all levels, from beginners to competition-level. In-place swimming against the Endless Pools current provides unparalleled opportunities to observe – and fine-tune – a swimmer’s stroke in minute detail.

As one of Megan’s students tells the KCRG reporter, “You can fix what you can’t notice in a normal pool.”


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