Endless Pools & Cottage Living Partner in Los Angeles IDEA HOME

Bold Color & Innovative Products Take Center Stage in Décor of Mission Revival Cottage

Aston, PA, Wednesday, August 06, 2008 – Cottage Living magazine opens its Idea Home, a two-story Mission Revival cottage in the heart of Los Angeles, to the public for tours through August 24th. The newly-built 3,500 square foot home features classic Spanish influences from a clay tile roof to scalloped beams at the upstairs balcony and is designed to blend seamlessly into the neighborhood.

Eco-friendly elements include solar panels, radiant heat in the flooring, insulation within the interior walls (which regulates the temperature), and pavers installed with permeable grout that allows water to soak in between the pavers cutting back on runoff into the ocean. The home also features an adjustable current swimming machine called the Endless Pools® Original model. Perhaps the most eco-friendly of all pools it uses less water, space and chemicals of a regular swimming pool.

The Endless Pools installation can be found in the homes U-shaped courtyard created to make the most of the small urban lot. Lush fruit trees help complete the private oasis in an otherwise dense neighborhood setting.


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