Endless Access: Giving Back

How Endless Pools® Gives Back

Endless Pools knows that water can transform lives. For many of our customers, access is critical for their long-term wellness and overall quality of life. To help bridge the gap between medical necessity and financial limitations, we created Endless Access.

Endless Pools creates innovations designed to provide access to personalized exercise and wellness on each individual's terms. Our team gives each customer individualized attention for an informed decision leading to a customized solution.

A few highlights from Endless Pools' decades-long history of charitable activity:

Endless Pools Donates $72,500 for COVID-Related Hunger Relief

To assist with the relief efforts for families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, Endless Pools has donated a total of $72,500 to three hunger-relief organizations in the Greater Delaware Valley. The grants were a part of Masco Corporation's commitment of $1 million of its 2020 community outreach funds for COVID-19 relief efforts near its US and Canadian business units.

Blind Paralympian trains for Tokyo in garage Performance model

Pool Therapy in the E700 Swim Spa

Aquatic Recovery in an indoor Original Endless Pool

Water Workouts in the Original Endless Pool

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