Endless™ Access Program

Making positive change through the power of water.

The goal of Endless Access is to empower people of all ages to enjoy the benefits of water. Of course, safety is key, especially with young swimmers, and an at-home pool – especially one with a current – is the perfect environment to help anyone get comfortable in water; including lakes, rivers, and oceans.

Our compact pools and swim spas make it possible for more people to own a pool, and their small size allows parents and instructors to stay within close reach. At Endless Pools, we know that learning to swim leads to a lifetime of enjoyment in the water, and we’re proud to support organizations committed to swim safety. Read on to learn more.

Send us your story!

Is a pool in your home a need, not just a want? Then please tell us about it. All applications will be considered based on urgency and feasibility.