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Endless Pools vs. Lap Pools

About Endless Pools

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Our Products

About Us

Endless Pools specializes in the design, manufacture and sale of innovative swimming machines for fitness and recreational use. Founded in 1988 we are the market leader with over 20,000 customers worldwide. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products – specifically, the quality of the swim current. We also pride ourselves on the quality of the service we provide our customers.

Traditional Lap Pools

Many Endless Pool customers are looking for a convenient, clean and private place to swim. Unfortunately replicating a traditional lap pool in a residential setting, whether that be indoors or out, is extremely expensive and disruptive to the yard & home. Traditional lap pool construction can run $50,000 or more depending on the location and features. Below you'll find some easy side-by-side comparisons showing that an Endless Pool is not only the more affordable option to lap pool ownership, but the intelligent choice, for yourself and the environment.

We offer four versions of the Endless Pool:

  • Original Endless Pool, a steel panel pool which provides maximum design flexibility and can be installed in new or existing spaces.
  • Endless Pool Swim Spa, a one piece acrylic pool that combines the industry's leading current with spa seating.
  • Fastlane Pool, an inexpensive, soft sided pool that's ideal for training or to setup in the backyard.
  • WaterWell Pool, similar to the Original Endless Pool but without the current generator - ideal for therapy.

Original Endless Pool

Lap Pool


Acrylic or steel-panel, vinyl liner permits multiple sizes and depths (7'x12' to 16'x16'). Modular assembly allows for installation in existing spaces.

Typically gunite or fiberglass, installed fully in-ground - requiring extensive excavation

Lap Pools Construction Comparison

Aesthetic Choices

  • 2 colors for acrylic, 3 colors, 4 patterns for vinyl
  • Retractable security cover, 5 colors
  • Synthetic coping, 5 colors
  • Aluminum coping with unlimited 6" tile choices
  • Skirting, wood or synthetic
  • customer can choose their own finishes for coping and skirting for a truly unique pool
  • Unlimited choices
Lap Pools Aesthetic Choices

Plumbing (Water Quality System)

  • Pre-plumbed with super efficient circulating pump
  • Push Button Controller
  • copper/silver purification system minimizes chlorine
  • UV and Ozonator available
  • Water quality systems vary by builder and installation, typically any water quality system available in traditional pool construction can also be used in lap pool construction
Lap Pools Plumbing

Swim Current System

  • 5 hp power unit
  • 16" propeller and water conditioning grills
  • Smooth, even, adjustable, river-like flow 21" wide, 16" deep
  • 5,000 – 7,000 gallons per minute
  • Digital speed control via remote control with 52 speeds
  • High visibility 7" digital, swim pace display
  • Ability to swim endlessly without any "flip turns"
  • In order to swim properly the pool needs to be long enough for you to swim without needing to do more flip turns than strokes
Swimming in a Lap Pool

Delivery & Installation

  • Delivery by UPS, Allied Van Lines or flatbed trailer
  • Installation by nationwide network of Factory Trained Installers
  • Easy installation indoors or outside
  • Assembles on any sound level surface
  • Pre-wired, pre-plumbed
  • Crane required for Acrylic pools
  • Primarily new construction
  • Installation time varies by climate, complexity of the site location and the schedule of the pool builder. Longer pools increase total cost of the pool.
Lap Pools Delivery & Installation

Electric Power Requirements

  • 30-60 amps, 220 volts
  • 30 to 100 amps, 220 volts
Electrical Requirements for Lap Pools

Total Cost

  • $7,500 - $28,900 for complete systems
  • Wide variety of options available to customize installation
  • Delivery costs range from $500 to $2,000
  • Nationwide network of factory trained installers
  • lap pool construction varies by builder, location, lot configuration, etc. but typical costs run $50,000+ for entry level lap pools
Lap Pools Total Cost Comparison