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Endless Pools Swim Spas vs. Jetted Swim Spas

The Swim Current is the Difference

The high volume, non-turbulent water flow is what distinguishes our pools from other swim spas and provides the best swim available anywhere. Utilizing a custom designed, 16" propeller, our swim current is wider than your body, deeper than your stroke, free of turbulence and bubbles and completely variable in speed.

Swim Spas

Other swim spas generally use pumps and jet nozzles that create a swim current that feels like swimming against a fire hose. If you have any interest in actually swimming you need to try before you buy – only then can you make an informed decision.

Compare us to Jetted Swim Spas

Endless Pool

Jetted Swim Spa


Acrylic or steel-panel with vinyl liner. Modular construction permits multiple sizes and depths from 6' x 6' to 10' x 16' and allows for installation in existing spaces.

Jetted swim spas are typically single shell acrylic vessels with either a fiberglass or polymer backing for strength.

Swim Spas | Construction

Aesthetic Choices

  • 2 colors for acrylic, 3 colors, 4 patterns for vinyl
  • Automatic and manual retractable security covers, 5 colors
  • Synthetic coping, 5 colors
  • Aluminum coping with unlimited 6" tile choices
  • Synthetic Skirting
  • Customer can choose their own finishes for coping and skirting for a truly unique pool
  • Choice of two colors typically for the shell
  • Choice of skirting
  • See company literature
Swim Spas | Choices

Plumbing (Water Quality System)

  • Pre-plumbed with super efficient circulating pump
  • Push Button Controller
  • Copper/silver purification system minimizes chlorine
  • Jetted swim spas are pre-plumbed typically
  • Component choices and sanitation means vary
Swim Spas | Plumbing Choices

Swim Current System

  • 5 hp power unit
  • 16" propeller and water conditioning grills
  • Smooth, even, adjustable, river-like flow 21"-24" wide, 16"-18" deep
  • 5,000 – 7,000 gallons per minute
  • Digital speed control via remote control with 52 speeds
  • High visibility 7" digital, swim pace display
  • One or more centrifugal pumps
  • One or more nozzles
  • 300 to 1,200 gallons per minute
  • few discrete speeds
Swim Spas | Swim Current Quality

Delivery & Installation

  • Delivery by UPS, Allied Van Lines or flatbed trailer
  • Installation by nationwide network of Factory Trained Installers
  • Easy installation indoors or outside
  • Assembles on any sound level surface
  • Pre-wired, pre-plumbed
  • Crane required for Acrylic pools
  • Crane required to upload swim spas
  • Pre-wired, pre-plumbed
Swim Spas | Delivery & Installation

Electric Power Requirements

  • 30-60 amps, 220 volts
  • 60 to 100 amps, 220 volts
Swim Spas | Electrical Requirements

Total Cost

  • $7,500 - $28,900 for complete systems
  • Wide variety of options available to customize installation
  • Delivery costs range from $500 to $2,000
  • Nationwide network of factory trained installers
  • Each swim spa company handles delivery, installation, start-up, and service differently so comparison is difficult
Swim Spas | Total Cost


About Us

Endless Pools specializes in the design, manufacture and sale of innovative swimming and aquatic therapy machines for fitness and recreational use. Founded in 1988 we are the market leader with thousands of customers worldwide. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products – specifically, the quality of the swim current. We also pride ourselves on the quality of the service we provide our customers. What we have learned over the years is that an Endless Pool becomes a focal point and a key to better health. Our ability to service our customers year in and year out distinguishes us from some recent swim spa entrants. To appreciate the scope of that work a review of our DVD is recommended and, of course, a test swim is a must.

Swim Spa Companies

A number of swim spa competitors over the years have entered the swim spa business including manufacturers of acrylic spas and hot tubs. While spas and hot tubs remain their primary business these companies sometimes make an elongated product called a jetted swim spa. Customers interested in the aesthetic appeal of a molded product who plan to install their swim spa outdoors often consider this type of product. Thermoformed acrylic, backed with either fiberglass or polystyrene, is an ideal way to make a single-shell swim spa that can be heated up for relaxation and also serve as a convenient place to swim, exercise and just enjoy the water. Since these single-shell swim spas are typically installed outdoors they can be pre-plumbed and skirted at the factory and craned into position to reduce installation expense. Endless Pools now offers this type of vessel with our industry leading, adjustable swim current.

We offer four versions of the Endless Pool:

  • Original Endless Pool, a steel panel pool, that fits through standard doorways, providing maximum design flexibility. Can be installed in new or existing spaces.
  • Endless Pool Swim Spa, a one piece acrylic pool that combines the industry's leading current with spa seating.
  • Fastlane Pool, an inexpensive, soft sided pool that's ideal for training or to setup in the backyard.
  • WaterWell Pool, similar to the Original Endless Pool but without the current generator - ideal for therapy.

Swim whenever you like on your own schedule at your own perfect pace. No traveling, no crowded pools, no heavy chlorine. Just your own precision engineered swimming pool,where you swim or exercise against a smooth current that's fully adjustable to any speed or ability. Our swimming pools are simple to install, easy to maintain, and economical to run.

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