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Fastlane Pool by Endless Pools

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Fastlane Pool

What our customers are saying...

Fastlane Pool Testimonials

Enhanced swimming workouts

Bonnie Pronk uses her Endless Pool for a type of "therapy" to which most of us can only aspire: Overall physical conditioning, intensified with "specificity" training for focus on particular aspects of swimming... MORE >

Triathlete Magazine

The Fastlane Pool makes triathlon's least convenient discipline incredibly convenient... MORE >

"Personal Lap Pools by Endless Pools"

Steve Tarpinian, triathlete, author of The Essential Swimmer and founder of Total Training writes a review on the "exceptional" quality, benefits, and convenience of the Endless Pool. ... MORE >

A doctor prescribes his own pain-relief

"Even comparatively sedate forms of exercise, like walking, were sometimes rough on my back," says Dr. Robert Voller. ... MORE >

The Endless Pool®. Swim the Original. Experience the best.