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Fastlane Pool Specifications & Fastlane Pool planning information


THE FASTLANE POOLS SYSTEM includes a freestanding pool utilizing a durable powder coated steel structure and a fiber-reinforced membrane. Also included in the system is a variable-speed counter-current swim unit, a water quality system to filter and sanitize the water, and a ladder. The circulating pump, optional heater and the 5 hp Hydraulic Power Unit must be located at least 10' from the pool and needs a 30 amp, 220 volt, 4 wire GFCI circuit. Installing this equipment on a solid level surface is best. The Fastlane swim current generator which hangs on the front wall of the Fastlane Pool comes with 25' of hydraulic hose to connect to this remote equipment. We also supply a 50' roll of 1-1/2" flexible pipe to connect the circulating pump and optional heater to the connections at the front of the pool. Due consideration should be made regarding the location of this equipment, the source of electric power, and the path for pipe between equipment and pool. For indoor locations adequate drainage should be provided adjacent to the pool and equipment.

  • Footprint: 10' x 14'6" x 4'
  • Swim area: 8' x 13' x 44"
  • Water capacity: 2,600 gallons
  • Powder-coated steel framework
  • Rugged 60 mil reinforced membrane
  • Circulating pump
  • Cartridge type filter
  • 5 hp swim current generator
  • Power requirement: 220v, 30 amp GFCI

The Endless Pool®. Swim the Original. Experience the best.

Swim whenever you like on your own schedule at your own perfect pace. No traveling, no crowded pools, no heavy chlorine. Just your own precision engineered swimming pool,where you swim or exercise against a smooth current that's fully adjustable to any speed or ability. Our swimming pools are simple to install, easy to maintain, and economical to run.

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